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Windows Updates

WSUS Patching (Windows Server Update Services) has been enabled to provide campus computers with the latest Windows critical and security OS updates from Microsoft.  Please note that this requires little interaction and the following is a description of the process.
On the second Tuesday of every month Windows Critical and Security updates are released.  IT will approve the updates to be installed on the Friday of each week.
The updates will be set to push and install every day at 8am.  The approved updates will be pulled down to the workstation the next time the client polls for them from the Windows update server.  Once the updates have been downloaded to the client workstations they will begin installing as shown in the image below.  Users will be able to continue working while the updates are being installed. 
Windows 7:
  • Windows 7 users will notice the following in their task bar
  • If you leave the window open, or click on the above popup, you can see the status of the update process.
  • When the updates have been installed you will be prompted to restart your computer.  It is recommended that you do this as soon as possible so that the patches are installed correctly.  There may also be additional updates that can only be applied after you have performed a restart as shown in the image below.   


  • If you choose not to restart your machine you will see reminders that a restart is still pending.  The maximum you can delay the restart is shown below (4 hours).  You will then be prompted to restart once the selected time has elapsed. 
  • You have now successfully updated your computer with the latest Critical and Security patches from Microsoft.


Windows 8:


  • Windows 8 users will see the following in the control panel -> Windows update section once the updates have been downloaded and installed on your laptop.  There will also be a notice to ‘update and restart’ when attempting to sign out or shut down your machine.  A restart is required to complete the installation of the updates or to allow for further updates to be installed.


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