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Computer Virus FAQ Sheet

Antivirus Software Requirements for Personal Laptops

Total Security Virus Removal

MS Removal Tool and Variants


Other valuable virus tips

Preventing Spyware, Adware, Viruses and Other Internet Nasties

What to Do If You Have A Computer Virus

World Map of Virus Threat level


E-mail Fraud / Phishing


What is Phishing?


Phishing is a general term for e-mails, text messages and websites fabricated and sent by criminals and designed to look like they come from well-known and trusted businesses, financial institutions and government agencies in an attempt to collect personal, financial and sensitive information. It's also known as brand spoofing.

Below are resources from the web to educate yourself and understand how to deal with phishing emails.


RCMP - What Is Phishing?

How to Avoid Phishing Scams


- When you select 'phishing' you will be asked to report to Microsoft

  • select 'report'



Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying Reference Sheet


Lost or Stolen Equipment

** Click  here to see a guide on how to prevent laptop theft **

If any school issued equipment is stolen or lost the following actions should be taken

1. Report the incident to campus security

2. If its a school laptop, the police must be notified and an police report generated (with report number)

3. Report the incident to IT Services (fill out Security Loss Incident Report)


Remote Access

Many of the systems at Durham College and UOIT that are required to be accessed from off campus (ie. home, friends house, public library etc.) have web interfaces that make accessing them very simple. By simply using a common web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. you can have access to many of the various systems/applications that you require. Below are some quick links that you can use to access different systems.

For staff and faculty that require access to systems that are not accessible via a web browser, IT Services does provide a VPN service that uses your network credentials (along with a VPN client) to establish a remote connection to our campus network. Below is the VPN form that needs to be filled out prior to access being granted for VPN use. For further clarification, please contact the support desk directly.

VPN Statement of Responsibility and Rules of Conduct


Identity Theft
Misleading Applications


Protecting Confidential Information

Encrypting Emails


Security Best Practices

Keep your firewall turned on at all times

Keep your antivirus software and virus definitions up-to-date

Keep your operating system up-to-date as well as any software you have running on your computer

Install antispyware software and scan regularly

Encrypt files and documents where possible

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