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Pay-for-Print (Papercut)
How to use Papercut

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All students who attend Durham College and Ontario Tech University who have paid their IT fee will receive 23.00 in print credits on their student account each academic year (September 1 - August 31). A break down of the cost for prints can be found below. Students who require additional print credits can purchase top up cards at several locations on campus, the Oshawa Campus Bookstore, and the Whitby Campus Bookstore. If you wish to verify how many print credits you have remaining, please visit the campus printing self service portal when on campus at To login to the portal use your network username and password, this portal provides many new features, view print history, students can redeem top up cards, and web printing. Web printing is the ability for students to upload and print documents that are in a supported format, without adding the printer to their laptop.
***Please note ONLY top up card balances carry over to the next academic year, the initial credit balance will be reset to 23.00 on September 1*** 
Black & White prints - 3 cents per page
Coloured prints - 30 cents per page
Duplex Printing - 2 cents per page(B&W), 10% discount per page(colour)
For instructions on how to use Ricoh printers/copiers click on the following link for Reference Guides:
Printer Configuration for Windows

Printer Configuration for Mac  

  • Adding L120 Splash Printer to Mac OS X

Printer Driver Downloads for Mac

Understanding Printer Queue Names

​• the first two letters refer to the type of printer
 (AP = Academic Printer)

• the next set of characters identify the room number where the printer is located
 (B238 = Room B238, D209 = Room D209, etc...)


• The '1' represents the first printer in the room, subsequent printers would be listed as '2', '3'....

Example: APB238-1 would refer to a Ricoh printer located in room B238. (AP=Academic Printer; B238=room B238; -1=the first printer located in the room.)


Academic Queues

• All Academic print queues can be located on the student print server.  Copy and paste the following link into Windows Explorer:


Administrative Queues

• All Administrative print queues can be located on the Administrative print server.  Copy and paste the following link into Windows Explorer:


  (Only authorized Administrative staff can access these print queues)

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