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DC mail provices rich email, calendar and mobile applications, and additional email storage of up to 25 GB.
Students are able to access their new DC Mail account from most Internet-connected computers or mobile devices.
Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution for all Durham College(DC) students. It provides a large file storage capability and is accessible anywhere via
the internet. Microsoft OneDrive also provides the ability to share files and folders with other individuals or groups of individuals. This service is being rolled
out for DC students with DC Mail beginning September 2017.



    • Hold onto important email with 25GB storage for each user
    • Retrieve contacts from almost anywhere
    • Customize inbox rules and other notifications



      • Share your calendar with others
      • Choose how you want to view email and calendars


      • Access the latest email and calendars from your PC, Mac, web browser, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android phone, Symbian phone, and BlackBerry


      • Access your files from anywhere with 1TB of storage provided
      • Synchronize files to all devices
      • For more information please review the OneDrive guide by clicking here
      • The OneDrive FAQ guide can be found by clicking here or reviewing the bottom of this page.
      Office 365 on Mobile Devices
      PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are provided as a guideline only to assist you in configuring your device. IT staff are not permitted to work on privately owned devices.
      Phone OS

      FAQ Document

      ​AndroidOffice 365 Email Setup ­ Android.pdf
      ​IPhone, IPad       Office 365 Email Setup ­ IOS Devices.pdf
      ​Windows             Office 365 Email Setup ­ Windows Mobile.pdf
      ​Blackberry     Office 365 Email Setup ­ Blackberry.pdf
      Office 365 - FAQs 
      Q.Why was Office 365 chosen?
      A. Office 365 was chosen because Microsoft products are common to many of the courses offered at the college and the majority of businesses use Microsoft products. Chances are good that you will be using Microsoft Office products when you graduate and start working. Office 365 also supports a variety of mobile applications.
      Q. Why is it called “DC Mail”?
      A. The project team wanted to give the email a unique branding for the College. DC Mail was chosen because it complements some of the other systems (such as DC Connect) and it short and concise.
      Q. Which students will get a DC Mail email address?
      A. All active students will be provisioned a DC Mail email account.
      Q.What features are included in DC Mail?
      A. Email, Calendar, and a copy of Office 365 applications(Word, Excel, and Powerpoint).
      Q.Will my current MyCampus email contents be migrated to DC Mail?
      No, there will be no migration of your mail in MyCampus to your new DC Mail. You will be given ample time to manually forward any email you want to keep to your DC Mail account.
      Q.What will happen to faculty email addresses in MyCampus after DC Mail is implemented?
      A.Faculty MyCampus email addresses will not be impacted. The future direction of these addresses will be addressed as part of a separate project to shut down MyCampus email.
      Q.How much email space is included in DC Mail?
      A. You will have a maximum of 25 GB of storage.
      .Can I choose to keep my MyCampus email account instead of going to DC Mail?
      A. No, MyCampus email will be decommissioned sometime after the implementation of DC Mail. The decommission date will be communicated to faculty and students. DC Mail will be Durham College’s official email for student communications.
      Q.What is the format of my new DC Mail address?
      A. All addresses will follow the format: (eg
      Q.What happens to my DC Mail address when I graduate?
      A. Nothing will happen. You can continue to use your DC Mail address for as long as the College is using Office 365.
      Q.How do I login to DC Mail.
      A. You can log in in several ways. There will be a link in My Campus to go to DC Mail. You can also enter in your web browser. At the log in page, enter your network ID (banner ID) and network password and hit the “enter” key or the “sign in” button.
      Q.What are the size limitations in DC Mail?
      A. For information on size limits, see: .
      Q. Will faculty also be migrated to DC Mail?
      A. No, only students will be in DC Mail. Faculty will continue to use their faculty outlook email accounts.
      Q.How do I reset my password?
      A.You can reset your password yourself through the following link: .
      Q.What operating systems and web browsers does DC Mail work with?
      A. DC Mail is supported on a variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Apple platforms. For information on supported systems and browsers see:
      Q.What Mobile Phones will be supported with DC Mail?
      A.The Microsoft 365 product supports a variety of smart phones. For more information see:
      Q.What if I have questions or problems with setting up my mobile email application?
      A.There will be information related to configuring mobile applications on the IT Service Desk portal, under “Email”, “DC Mail”. Look for the DC Mail FAQ at this location and you will find the information required to configure your device. Please note that the IT Service Desk does not support students with setting up mobile devices. Please consult the FAQ or research via the internet for further support.
      Q.How do I report DC Mail problems?
      A. The IT Service Desk will be your first point of contact for any problems with DC Mail. . Please note that the IT Service Desk does not support students with setting up mobile devices. Please consult the IT Service Desk Portal  or research via the internet for further support.
      Q.In DC Connect, my outgoing email was being sent to my MyCampus email. What happens after DC Mail is implemented?
      A.The outgoing email in DC Connect will be routed to DC Mail instead of MyCampus email as of November 5th 2012. After DC Mail is implemented, you will logon to DC Mail to check for email sent by your professors or other students in your classes.
      Q.How do I know that DC Mail is secure?
      A. DC Mail is Microsoft Office 365, one of the most popular and secure cloud email products. To read about Microsoft’s commitment to privacy, see:
      Q.  What is the Cloud?
      A. The cloud is a friendly way of describing web-based computing services. Information storage, computation, and software are located and managed remotely on servers. Because this infrastructure is located online, you can access it virtually anywhere from a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.
      Q.Who owns the student data in DC Mail (Microsoft or Durham College)?
      A.Durham College owns all student data and Microsoft owns the email service.
      Q.Will I see any advertising on DC Mail?
      A.No, you will not see any advertising on DC Mail. Microsoft doesn’t use their email service for advertising or the “mining” of student data to sell to other companies for advertising purposes.
      Q.Are there any College policies related to student email usage?
      A.You should be aware of the Durham College’s Acceptable Use Of Information Technology Policy and that by logging in to DC Mail that you are complying with all college policy statements listed within.
      OneDrive For Business - FAQs 
      Q. Will students still access the H: drive?
      A. Yes, for the foreseeable future students will have both Microsoft OneDrive and the H drive.
      Q. How do students access the Microsoft OneDrive?
      A. There are three ways to access OneDrive.
             • Office 365 portal 
             • The Mobile App available via Google Play or the App Store – just search for OneDrive ;
             • The Desktop App included with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 or downloadable here for other OS’s (Windows 7, Mac OS X, etc.)
       See the IT ServiceDesk OneDrive Guide for greater detail.
      Q. How much space is available with Microsoft OneDrive?
      A. It will be at least one TB with the possibility that the size will be increased as it is implemented.
      Q. Where do I go to get assistance in logging in?
      A. The IT ServiceDesk will be able to assist you with technical issues. Contact them by email or call 905.721.3333.
      Q. Is this only for students?
      A. Yes this is exclusively for those DC students who have a DC Mail address.
      Q. What happens to students’ information on the Microsoft OneDrive after graduation?
      A. Students should copy their own information from their Microsoft OneDrive after graduation. DC cannot guarantee that the storage service will remain
      available after graduation.

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