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DC Connect

  DC Connect
Durham College is pleased to provide DC Connect as a learning environment for all students. Powered by Desire2Learn software DC Connect is your online “home room” for your classes. Because it is a web site DC Connect is available on campus or off, day or night.
Your teachers will use DC Connect to give you access to teaching materials, provide communication and feedback, or to take quizzes and submit assignments. You’ll be able to see your grades and communicate with classmates. There is also a calendar attached to each course to help you manage your time and stay on top of assignments and tests.
You’ll want to sign on to DC Connect and learn how to navigate around and to investigate the course materials that your teachers post in the course sites. If you get stuck there is full help documentation under the Help icon.
We’ll be posting various help files here to assist you with some of the more common challenges you might encounter in DC Connect.

DC Connect Data Storage Location

The storage location for DC Connect data, and the ePortfolio tool, is in a secure datacentre in Canada. 
All DC Connect user IDs and passwords are not stored in the DC Connect application. They are stored in the Durham College datacentre in Oshawa. 

Data Processing Outside of Canada 

There are some features associated with DC Connect that use datacentres outside of Canada. These features are not considered to be part of the DC Connect core application. The features, or non-core applications, that use international datacentres for processing include: 
- Pulse, Binder, Assignment Grader, and  
- Video files for Video Note.

These features use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or MS Azure services to process and present data. These third party venders operate their data processing centres in the United States. 
- For these four features, the data that is stored in the Canadian DC Connect datacentre are transformed in the AWS datacentre so they can be displayed on the Pulse, Binder, and Assignment Grader apps, or Video Note.

All data transmissions between datacentres, and with personal computers, are over the internet using encrypted data transmissions.

If you have any questions about DC Connect data storage, please contact the Service Desk at or 905-721-3333 Option 1.



DC Connect Tutorial Videos:


Logging Into DC Connect                                        
FAQs on getting started and using the Learning Environment can be found by clicking here.

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