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AV Services

Booking A/V equipment

Students, faculty and staff reserving audio visual equipment may book by contacting the appropriate Media Services offices by phone and/or in person.

For equipment bookings at the Oshawa campus, contact ext. 3081, Port Hope Campus contact 905.885.4842, Simcoe building contact ext. 2313, Uxbridge campus contact 905.852.7848 and Whitby campus contact ext. 3333, option 2.
Printed reserve forms are available for pick-up at Media Services, Oshawa campus, Room B200.


When booking equipment from Media Services for classroom presentations, please provide the following:
◾Date of presentation
◾Time of presentation
◾Your name
◾Your student ID number
◾Your teacher's name
◾Classroom number
If you are doing a group presentation, please select one representative from your group to be the person who books the equipment. If you are the representative, please let your group know that you will be the one responsible for the booking. In order to endure availability of equipment, please book all equipment and software 5 days in advance of presentation.


If you are doing a Powerpoint presentation, and you have it saved to a disk or CD, then you will need to book a presenter/DVD/VHS/computer cart. You may also use your own laptop, by unplugging the VGA cable from the back of the computer and then plugging it into your laptop. If you want to show a video or DVD then you will need to book the same unit as above.

Presenter/DVD/VHS/Computer Cart:

If you are using your own laptop, then simply unplug the VGA cable from the back of the computer and plug it into your laptop. Plug the large cord that is attached to the cart into an outlet, then turn on the presenter. When a blue image is projected, power on your laptop.

If you are using the computer on the cart, plug in the main cord that is attached to the cart into an outlet. Next, power on the presenter. The button is on top of the presenter. When you have a blue image projecting, power on the computer. It will ask you for a user name and a password, both are listed on the top of the presenter. You can then insert either your disk or CD.

The focus on the presenter is manual. By moving the lever on the lens, you can adjust it.

These units do not support Scandisk memory sticks.

You must supply a disk or CD.

TV/DVD/VCR Combos:

To use a TV/DVD/VCR combo, simply plug the main cord into an outlet, then power on the TV and the VCR or DVD, whichever one you are using. Slide your tape or DVD into the player, and the unit should automatically play.

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